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Compacting with briquetting machines solves the problems with dusts, saw dust and other hard-to-handle materials.
The input material can be saw dust, shavings, grinding dust, groats, sludge, plastics, films, textile, paper dust, cardboard or other grouts or dust. Most materials are compactable.

The material is compacted without additives by compressing it into roughly one tenth volume from original. Dusts and sawdust typically weigh between 60-200 kg/m3. After compacting the fixed density is typically 900-1600 kg/m3 and the loose density 600-1200 kg/m3.

Briquetting machines
The briquettes are 45-60 mm diameter blocks. Briquetting is a reasonable investment- and drive cost, always fully automated process. The briquetting machine is often located directly below a silo or a filter. Briquetting capacities are typically 30 – 4000 kg/h

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The viability of briquetting comes from several benefits:

  • Logistics savings: Decrease in volumes due to 600-1200kg/m3 density
  • Revenue: high market demand and price
  • Storability: rain cover is enough through all seasons
  • Simplicity: replaces expensi9ve silos and removes vaulting problems
  • Cleanliness: All dusts in an enclosed process
  • Efficiency: Wood briquette energy content roughly 5MWh/ton
  • Fire safety: large amounts of dust cannot be stored safely
  • Carefree: full automated operation
  • Burning characteristics: easy to feed, no explosion hazard, good supportive fuel

Did you know?

2,5 kgs of wood briquette relates to 1 litre of oil in energy content