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Annual service

Annual service

Annual service

Crushing-, briquetting and baling machines work in circumstances, where the wear and tear of equipment is strong. To maximize the equipment life cycle, optimize the efficiency and minimize the energy consumption, it is important that the machines are maintained annually by expert technicians. This way the equipment running costs are also minimized.

Fully equipped Reducer service vans and their experienced technicians that know the ins and outs of this equipment are ready to serve you everywhere in Finland and nearby areas.

Why annual Service?

Maximize equipment life cycle

Optimize plant efficiency

Minimize energy cost

Regular maintenance extends equipment lifecycle and dependability

In the Reducer annual service, we ensure the equipment efficiency and dependability. A sudden breakdown in equipment brings always extra costs compared to annual scheduled maintenance.
Annual maintenance reduces the risks of sudden expensive repairs. Annual maintenance also creates a basis for optimizing the equipment for years to come.In the annual maintenance we check, clean and repair (when necessary):Blades, oils, belts, hydraulic components, bearings, seals, leaks, screens, clutches etc. technical components



  • Counter blade change
  • Gear oil check and change
  • Belt and pulley condition and tension check and change if necessary
  • Gearbox mounting inspection
  • Hydraulic fluid filter change
  • Checking hydraulic hoses and pipes
  • Hydraulic piston greasing adjusting glide rails inside the equipment
  • Hydraulic piston “lower lip” change and adjustment
  • Cleaning hydraulic system
  • Changing piston gliders
  • Checking hydraulic cylinder and saddle mounts
  • Greasing bearings where necessary
  • Checking seals
  • Evaluating blade/counter blade condition
  • Rotating blades where necessary
  • Evaluating screen size, condition, and cleanliness
  • Blade holder and shock sensor adjustment
  • Adjusting mechanical clutch
  • Testing emergency stop equipment
  • Greasing and cleaning rotor bearings
  • Cleaning space between rotor and engine body
  • Cleaning motors and hydraulic units


  • Adjusting the direction
  • Evaluating conveyor belt condition
  • Changing gear oil
  • Greasing bearings
  • Changing flat seals
  • Cleaning inside and out


  • Inspecting lock hopper seals
  • Greasing moving parts
  • Inspect blower balancing
  • Cleaning axial regeneration blower
  • Equipment element function check and adjustment as needed
  • Checking electric cable condition