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Reduce & Recycle


The world is changing, Reducer Oy provides the technology to maximize material circulation efficiency.

Carbage handling fees are rising Regulations on circulating materials are tightening, Landfill closings, rising environmental fees, producer responsibilities, environmental standards and market pressures require action. Strong environmental values create positive image and market value for companies.

The origin of material recirculation is reducing the material volume and particle size such that the logistics- and warehousing costs get minimized, the environmental effects get reduced and the material becomes ready for reuse.

Reducer Oy represents the world leaders in material circulation technology (e.g. Weima and Chema (ex-Adelmann)) in Finland and nearby areas. For every application there is a well functioning reference case – even in Finland we have over 150 installed machines, and worldwide those suppliers have provided thousands of machines.

We provide solutions

Every investment is a beginning of a long-term relationship, where Reducer Oy is bound to provide success together with customers. A large portion of our customers have made multiple repeat purchases from us. Our personnel has 20-year experience of these particular product lines, their technology, applications and service. We know how to select the correct equipment for an application and how to set optimal operating parameters. Our annual service offering maximize the equipment life cycle and efficiency and minimizes energy consumption.

Environmental technology is profitable

Environmental technology investments are often the company’s most profitable investments. Material reuse as new raw material, as new products or as energy source is economically viable even without regulation.

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Plastic waste




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Reduce Recycle

The starting point of successful recycling is reduction of the material’s volume and particle size into an even, dense material. This could then be reused minimizing the environmental impact of logistics, storage, and reuse processes. Depending on the available material either crushing, briquetting pelletizing or baling will be used.

For all these processes Reducer Oy provides a selection of technologies from the world’s leading manufacturers, proven solutions in countless applications.
Most often we can find an already functioning installed reference case in your application in Finland, and plenty more references throughout the world.




Low speed rotor crushers/shredders
Hydraulic feeder – equipped quiet rotor crushers crush/shred almost any material into the desired particle size between 8-300 mm. These machines crush e.g., hard plastics, wood, large paper and plastics rolls, electric cables, textiles, large bags, pallets, printed material, files and tyres totally automatically. The crushers tolerate metal and gravel, and the change of blades is simple.
High speed machines granulate the materials into 2-10 mm particle size. A new model T-Shark features a hydraulic automatic feeding press and a large feeding jaw. Force feeding increases the capacity and allows for material quality variance better than traditional gravity-feed granulators. Up to 1500*800 mm size articles (tubes, casts etc.) can be granulated into 2-10mm particle size in one stage only.


The material is compacted without additives by pressing it into roughly one tenth of its original volume. Sawdust and other dusts weigh typically 60-200 kg/m3. After briquetting the density is typically raised to 900-1200 kg/m3, which means 600-1200 kg/m3 in loose volume.

As a result, the cost of logistics and storage are minimized, and the heat value of the briquetted material is multiplied.


The speciality of our balers is that there are no vulnerable cutting blades, but a separate overhead feeding piston, that pre-presses the material into the chamber without cutting it. Tis baler type is very suitable in baling even unclean materials.

Tyre recycling

The equipment represented by Reducer Oy form the latest technology in reducing the rubber- and plastic materials into an optimal particle size for recycling.Reducer Oy also represents the entire pyrolysis plants by the Chema-concern. These plants break the tyres back into basic elements: Tyre raw material carbon black and pyrolysis oil. Reusing these means major reductions in CO2- emissions into the atmosphere. Several existing references can be visited when considering this equipment.


Equipment represented by us can recycle everything in WEEE waste from circuit boards into complete appliances. E.g., metal dusts, copper, electric motors, small appliances, glass- and concrete residue contaminated metals. We have various options specific to your application within our represented product lines.

Crushing and reuse of materials

Wood Industry

Fine wood dust
Wood chips and shavings

Plastic industry

Hard plastics
Plastic rolls
Other plastic waste

Industrial dry waste

Mixed groats or dust

Light metal

Metal dust
Metal scrap

Paper-, cardboard- and pulp industry

Large paper rolls
Paper dust

Solutions for all materials

You can find proven solutions for all materials from Reducer Oy’s selection, and most often we can find an already installed machine in Finland that you can use as a reference.

The most common materials that we crush and briquet are all kinds of wood-based materials, saw dust, chips and fine dust, hard plastics, plastic rolls, giant sacks and other plastic waste. Industrial dry waste like tyres, films, textiles and different kinds of flakes and dusts, and paper/cardboard/pulp industry rolls, tissue, paper dust and cardboard are common materials also.

Reuse of waste materials as raw material, changing into recircled products or energy is economically viable.

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